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What the world needs now is--Repentance 3-29-14
Issachar, Ukraine, Economic Armageddon, the Temple Mount 3-1-14
Study to Show Yourself Approved 3-15-14
Cowardly Lion, Temple, Pope Francis 3-22-14
When Is the Passover -- a New Look! 4-5-14
Will the Real Ephraim Please Stand Up? 4-12-14
What You Didn't Know about the Passover 4-15-14
Counting the Omer and Overcoming Sin 4-19-14
The Seventh Day -- Only the Beginning 4-21-14
Tiferet-Netzach -- Enduring Compassion 5-3-14
Netzach of Netzach -- Real Endurance 5-10-14
Hod -- The Power of Humility 5-17-14
Yesod -- Enduring Foundation of Bonding 5-24-14
Malkut -- Becoming a Good King 5-31-14
The Pagan Sunday Pentecost Connection -- 6-21-14
Mimocharat Ha Pesach--Joshua 5 Story 6-14-14
The REAL Truth about Shavuot 6-4-14
King of Assyria and the Covenant with Many 6-21-14
Red Heifer, Temple, Islamic Fury 6-28-14
Watchman, ISIS, Saudi Arabia 7-5-14
The Perfect Global Storm -- 7-12-14
As It Was in the Days of Noah -- Deception and Corruption 7-19-14
Tish B'Av, Lamentations and America 8-2-14
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ACCESS DENIED: CIA, Pedophiles, Drugs, Prostitution, Mind Control 8-9-4
Tree of Hope -- America Rushing to Fiery Judgment 8-16-14
Obama's America: Deception and Depravity 7-26-14
"His Hand Is Stretched Out Still" 8-23-14
Elul -- Meditation, Wisdom, Terror Threats, 2015 and Ephraim's 65 Year Fall 8-30-14
2015 and Mystery of the Shemitah 9-6-14
Ephraim, ISIS,Obama and Tribulation 9-13-14
Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur -- the Last Trumpet and Divine Vengeance 10-4-14
Blood Red Moons, Shemitah in Prophecy 9-20-14
Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanah and the True Calendar 9-27-14
The ABCs of Yom Kippur 10-8-14
ABCs of Sukkot 10-11-14
Mystery of the Sukkah 10-12-14
Mystery of the Lulav 10-14-14
Shemitah, ISIS, Ebola, Islamic Jihad -- theTurning Point 10-25-14
Arise and Let Your Light Shine Forth 11-1-14
Coming Time of Trial and Testing 11-8-14
Blessings and Curses, Obedience and Prayer 11-15-14
Mystery of Simcha Beit Hashoevah 10-15-14
Mystery of Hoshana Rabba and Joy 10-17-14
The Mystery of Shemini Atzeret 10-18-14
Le Chaim -- To Life! Destiny 12-20-14
A Nation Divided Cannot Stand 11-22-14
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