Vital Triumph Articles
Law or Grace -- Which?
613 Laws of Torah -- in Effect Today?
What Are the "Works" of the Law?
Is the Law Nailed to the Cross?
A New Look at the Book of Galatians
Is Obedience to the Law Necessary for Salvation?
Are the Old Testament Laws Still in Force ?
What are the Oracles of God?
What's All This about the 'New Covenant"?
A New Look at the Torah and Law of God
A New Look at the "Works" of the Law?
A New Look at the "Fringes" of the Law
A New Look at "Holy Garments" for Men
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God's Laws on Marriage and Divorce
Did God Give Us a Calendar?
Is God's End-Time Church Divided?
Joseph W. Tkach --Apostle or Apostate?
Coming -- Forced Sunday Observance?
Can We REALLY "KNOW' God's True Calendar?
Allah & the Muslim Menace
Furious and Raging Battle over the Bible
Star of David -- a Pagan Symbol of Witchcraft?
Time-Line of My Life and Ministry
Is Thanksgiving Really Pagan?
The Apocalypse, Four Horsemen, and
the Mysterious "Seven Times"
Mystery of the Red Heifer
What Is the Biblical New Moon?
Jeremiah, Ireland and the Throne of David
What Is "Moses' Seat"?
New Insight on Moses' Seat
"A Voice in the Wilderness"
2012 in Bible Prophecy!
The Book of Revelation Uncloaked
The Passover -- 14th or 15th?
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
Why Is Dan Missing from the 144000?
Obama -- Man of "Change"
Barack Obama -- King of the World?
Psychics, Ocultists, Demons -- the Truth!
Seven Proofs the Last Supper Was Not the Passover!
New Temple of God in the End of Days
Identity of the Unicorn and the Tribe of Manasseh
Where Did America Go Wrong?
The Book of Jasher Uncloaked!
Where Have All Our Leaders Gone?
America at the Crossroads
2012 and Ancient End-Time Prophecies
A New Look at "Conspiracy Theory"
What Will the Millennium Be Like?