Triumph Bible Study Course Lessons
Is the Bible relevant in today's fast-paced world of the internet, space age, and global problems? Does it have the solutions to mankind's growing peril, woes, and disasters? Is the Bible really the Word of the Living Creator God to His people on earth? How can we understand the Bible? In this fascinating in-depth Bible Study Course, you will learn many new and even controversial truths -- but you can PROVE THEM in your own Bible! So let us begin.
Lesson 1 -- The Bible in the Internet Age
Lesson 2 -- What Is the Message Jesus Brought from Heaven?
Lesson 3 -- Why Do So Few Understand the Bible?
Lesson 4 -- Why Christ Will Return as "King of Kings"
Test 1
Lesson 5 -- What Will Tomorrow's World Be
Like? -- The Coming Utopia
Lesson 6 -- The Way Out of Personal Debt -- Ending Your Financial Woes
Lesson 7 -- "This Is God Speaking" -- Why Are Natural Disasters Increasing?
Lesson 8 -- God Reveals Himself! Who or What is "GOD"?
Test 2
Lesson 9 -- Why Rest on God's Sabbath Day?
Lesson 10 -- God's Sabbath a Day of Delight
Lesson 11 -- The Origin of Satan and Sunday Worship!
Lesson 12 -- The Incredible Origin of Sunday Observance
Test 3
Lesson 13 -- A New Look at the Original Passover
Lesson 14 -- When Should Passover Be Observed?
Lesson 15 -- The Incredible Plot Against the True Passover!
Lesson 16 -- Examining the New Testament Passover and Lord's Supper
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