Rebutting False Prophets,
Exposing False Teachers
House of Yahweh Exposed
Whatever Happened to the Philadelphia Church of God?
Where the Worldwide Church of God
                  Went Wrong
End-Time Church Apostasy!
How Have the Mighty Fallen! The
Amazing True Story of Herbert and
Garner Ted Armstrong!
Back to Babylon! Politics and False Doctrine
Lead the Church back to Paganism!
Joseph W. Tkach -- Apostle or Apostate?
Joseph Tkach -- a Son of Perdition?
The "Idol Shepherd" Revealed --
Zechariah 11 in Prophecy!
"Malachi's Message" or Madness?
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The Flurry Flash
Herbert W. Armstrong -- Elijah to Come?
Prophetic Errors of Herbert Armstrong
How would you recognize a false prophet? Who are some of the false prophets and teachers, today?
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