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 How Old Is the Universe?
New Insight into the Holy Names of God (PDF)
Incredible New Truth -- How Long Was Jesus Really in the Grave?
Amazing PROOF Jesus Christ IS
the Promised Messiah!
The Calendar, Chronology & Bible Prophecy!
Is There Government in God's Church?
The Angel of Mons & the
White Cavalry!
Heraldic Emblems Prove America
is Ephraim! Amazing New Book!
The Bible -- Science or Mere Myth?
Is Christianity Based on Pagan Mythology? (PDF)
Where Is the Laodicean Church?
Early Church Fathers and the Logos
The Keys to Robust Health
Mystery of the Olive Tree
What Is the Unpardonable Sin?
Beyond Star Wars -- Cosmic Conflict throughout the Ages
Life on Earth before Adam?
Planet X -- Headed for Earth?