God's New Moons and
New Months as Sighted
from Jerusalem and Israel
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Latest New Moon Sighting
God's Biblical calendar is based on visual observa-
tion of the ripening barley, sightings of the new moon
crescent, and the spring equinox. The principles are
given in Scripture.
New Revised and Expanded Book!
A New Look at God's True Calendar (PDF)
Should Christians Observe the New Moons?
The new moon of the 4th month was sighted at sunset in Israel on the evening of June 25 by reliable witnesses, thus beginning the month of Tammuz, the 4th month of the new year. Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
When Does the YEAR Begin? (PDF)
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The Month Nisan is from sunset April 8 to fsunset May 7, 29 Days. If you begin with April 9, you end up with only 28 days -- a no-no. Click here to view the problem.
The Aviv Report and 2016 Calendar